Become dangerous and take up your proper place in the world

I first heard this idea from Jordan Peterson and I LOVE it.

It’s all about POWER at its core. The impact you have on the world around you (positive or negative).

Power is literally one of the most important things you can strive after. It affects your psyche in so many positive ways.

It brings boundless respect from all living entities — including yourself. Self-confidence, self-respect, self-esteem.

And it comes in so many different different forms.

It’s the ability to create and destroy. It’s deadly and transformative.

Some people say things like “Violence is never the answer”, but that is nonsense.

We don’t live in a fairytale world of sunshine and rainbows. Pacifism doesn’t work — it’s a fantasy.

You need to build up the “power potential” within you. So much so that you never have to use it — but you absolutely can.

Weakness isn’t virtue. Virtue is having that ability to be destructive, yet purposefully channeling your creative and destructive energy in accordance with your values.

And there’s something so profound about possessing a dormant ability to unleash destruction upon the world.

Everything in perfect harmony one second, potentially destroyed the next second. That potentiality creates a tension, felt withing and acknowledge externally by everyone.

Think of the serious nuclear tensions in the world today. Nuclear bombs.

They haven’t been deployed in almost a century, yet we KNOW what they can do. We respect their potential for disaster.

And power is one of the major things people respect in any entity.

Here’s a brutal truth about life: Most people will never respect you just for existing.

A stranger may act kind and courteous towards you from the get-go — but just wait until you two enter into a conflict.

Just wait until you become a barrier, a nuisance standing in their way.

Then you’ll see how much they truly respect you.

If you don’t have enough power, you’re going to find yourself brutally battered and bruised in the hands of people who do — and not necessarily physical.

You’re at their mercy. You’ll have to make sure to always be on good terms with them. You can’t be assertive or true to yourself.

Think of those celebrities and politicians that always have promote a certain narrative agenda whether they truly believe or not. They have to stay in line, or face the consequences.

Ways to be dangerous and impactful


Strength and the appearance thereof

So you go to the gym and become strong, muscular, and athletic.

Enjoying the process along the way.

Personally I started bodybuilding recently, and I’m at 15 + 15 kg bench presses and 10 + 10 kg bicep curls — nothing impressive but making progress!

Martial arts

You pick up fighting skills with martial arts like Aikido and boxing.

You become a force to reckon with, and develop the discipline to control that force.


You even acquire weapons for self-defense.

Intellectual + Social


Peterson says that learning how to write is one of the most deadly skills you can develop, and he’s absolutely right.

With writing, you logically structure your innermost thoughts to evoke powerful emotions in people.

You form clear and cohesive thoughts that change minds — that transform the world.


Mastery of emotions — This is arguably the most important of all.

Control your emotions and you control your life. You are longer your own worst enemy.

Everything within is fully united towards confronting the world and making a difference.

If you think about it, emotions are what make you do EVERY single thing you do.

Some emotions are much more transient than others but they are still the drivers of all our action.

With emotional mastery, you are totally in control of your mind and body. No longer a slave to your random thoughts and impulses. You’re purposeful and deliberate, even when you do decide to indulge.

Final thoughts

Storing up the power to create and destroy, you gain confidence, command respect, and channel these energies in pursuit and defense of your highest values.


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