The biggest life lesson from the Wednesday series

Wednesday is the most popular series on Netflix ever and if you love movies you’ve probably seen it.

And what I love the most about it is how Wednesday just doesn’t care about what doesn’t care about.

All the names people called her and what people said about her.

Weird, psychopathic, cold…

She just kept on doing what she wanted.

She knew what was important to her and put it above all else. Unapologetically.

Key examples:

She cared more about beating and “humiliating” her opponent, Bianca in the Poe Cup race than actually winning the cup and being cheered by people she didn’t even care about.

She cared more about winning than the glory of winning 🤔

She cared more about solving the Nevermore mystery than:

  • Going to the shiny Raven dance that everyone else was so excited about.
  • Than going on a date with the cute guy she liked, Tyler.
  • Even more than the feelings of her roommate, Enid (Right or wrong). Her roommate was furious and left her to be alone and she felt bad, but even during the confrontation and after, from her words and actions it was clear that the MYSTERY was what mattered most.
Her roommate (Enid) was furious at her.

A lot of times, we tell others or even ourselves that we value one thing but the reality is quite different.

Or we say we don’t care about what people think but that’s far from the truth.

Now here was someone who brutally stood by what she believed in at the cost of practically everything else.

She saw it as the highest value and her actions reflected so.

It wasn’t even about whether the value was “good” or “bad” for her, or others.

It was about the fierceness. The stubbornness; the emotionless disregard for anything lower down the value hierarchy.

The integrity!

Who would you respect more:

  • The one who pretends to be good but does evil in the shadows?
  • Or the one who does evil and is brutally honest about their nature?

No matter what we think to ourselves, it’s what we’re willing to sacrifice everything else for that we truly value most.

It may be an addiction, it may be sexual pleasure, but if you put the rest of your life and relationships on the line just for this, then basically your life’s purpose.

Whether you want to admit it or not.

We’ve all heard it: Actions speak louder than words.

So, do your purported values reflect in your life?

Food for thought:

If you’re not willing to kill or die for what you say is most important to you, then you’re probably just lying to yourself.


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